Hello, and welcome to Basket Case, the website collective of a more than a little insane fifteen-year-old, although by the time you read this I might have turned sixteen already (November 6th, baby).  Looks like the Layout Fairies have hit me over the head with the Wand of Inspiration® again, allowing me to grace my pages with this wonderful fluffy image of Tsuzuki and Hisoka from Yami no Matsuei...they're one of my favorite boyxboy couples, if you couldn't tell. (If you browse through my site a bit you'll see who my ichiban-favorite boy/boy couple is. ^-^) The original image was in black and white, all I did was color it and screw around with it for a while until it looked okay.  Therefore the coloring job is mine, therefore you'd be well advised not to snatch the happy image if you value the use of your left leg.  All clear? *innocent grin* Okkei!  Enjoy the site!
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