This is the page where all the extra stuff is.  By that I mean webrings, causes and things I support, and you might find a couple adoptions here and there.  It's kind of boring, but if you came here through a webring and you want to leave (although I strongly encourage you not to), this is where you'll find those links.
for those of you lacking in grey matter, this means I dig chicks.
we're people too, y'know
7 stars!  From the Witches 4!  YAHOOIE!
Angel Hearts Collectivity
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The following cool things are from Internet Bumper Stickers:
These guys are from Primadonna:
Neo SailorplutoEternal (?) Sailorjupitermanga Utena
captured bishounen and bishoujo (don't worry, I didn't go _too_ overboard...tee hee)
movie Juri, courtesy of Arisugawa's Locket
Sadie the Anti-Twinky
another Anti-Twinky from Silent Angel's site
Right now Will is feeling The current mood of at