Pokemon Conclave
I should put this first on the list, actually...it's my favorite of all my pages.  This is a Pokemon fanfiction, and it's a new trainer fic, and it's Ash and Misty's daughter...okay, before you run away screaming, listen.  It started out that way, but it's really developed and I think it's pretty good...take a look! *makes big cute eyes* Please?
*yawn* Personal page.  Like anybody really cares. But in case you do want to know about me, my life, my interests, taste in music, dream journals, photos, blabbidy blah.  Although it does have some quotes, articles and rants that are worth checking out, the rest is just me-stuff.
Tira's KiSSing Booth
This is my page about kisekae, which is a paper doll program for the computer (available for download at Otakuworld).  I've made several dolls for the kisekae set system, but only a few of which I'm really proud of, though...Izumi, Cho, maybe Tira...believe me, it's not as easy as it looks. ^.^ Go see for yourself.
My fanart site...actually, no, labeling all of it as "fanart" would be a misnomer 'cause I do a lot of original art too...sometimes more original than fan, actually.  I've been drawing anime fanart for almost three years now, and I sucked initially but I've gotten better...a good thing as I'm planning to become an animator. ^-^ Some of my stuff is pretty good now, and I'm not just flattering myself, people say it is.  But see for yourself and decide.
Kill the Spare
This is - guess what - a Harry Potter site!  Yessiree, folks, but it's not just an ordinary site.  Y'know how a character dies in Book IV?  Well, this site is a tribute to that character.  So you can see why I have all those warnings on the splash page and why I say a million times "if you haven't read the book all the way through and you don't know who dies, don't enter this site."  Because the site itself is of its very nature just one big spoiler.  So I'm going to go through my whole warning thing again: if you haven't read it, don't know who it is, etc. please don't visit this site.  But if you do know, be my guest, enjoy the site!
My catchily-named graphics place (no, I didn't misspell wallpapers, it's a combo of Willow + wallpapers).  Was originally just going to be a place where you could get desktop wallpapers that I had made, but I expanded it to include blank banners and website backgrounds.  See, what happened was I got really hyper one night in the wee hours of the morning and the mistaken belief that I could create desktop images was born.  I made a few decent-looking ones, stuck them on a site, and things went from there.  Anyway, skipping the big long creation story, this is a good place to go if you want some graphics for your website, or even just if you want pictures of cute anime characters on your desktop (and not only anime, I have some celebrity wallpapers too).
Well, I have jumped on the "site history site" bandwagon, which means that my past layouts for Lunar Eclipse no longer have their own page at LE but are now here, at Yuurei, as well as my past layouts for my other sites.  Think of it as a digital sketchbook.
Channelwood Library
This is the site that houses all my fanfictions.  So it's like a collective in itself, in a way.  A collective of fanfictions.  And some little articles that I wrote/am writing about fanfictions which are going to be up soon.  There are three fanfictions there, as well as some random other writing-related stuff.  Although there's only one fanfic I really update anymore, and you can find that link below.  And it's named after a place in the CD ROM game Myst, in case you wanted to know (Channelwood is the place with the trees and the windmill, and I don't recall whether there is actually a library there or not, but I took a bit of liberty with that).
Lunar Eclipse
Your typical Sailormoon combo page.  Has a buncha stuff, including downloads, tons of information, episode listing, lyrics, and some profiles so long they could actually be considered essays.  Although I don't really update it anymore, so don't expect too much in that department, but it's still there if you want to have a look.