October 28, 2002
- I got some of the pictures I did at CalArts scanned, so some of those are now up at Airbrush...well, all the semi-good ones, anyway, heh.
- A whoooole ton of new quotes at Koikawa...geez, I think all the ones from this whole summer.  Dude...that's a lot.
- I think more random updations (that's not a word, but wouldn't it be cool if it was?) to Koikawa...not sure, though.  Oh, wait, I did: I definitely updated the music section, if nothing else.
- Bunch of new templates that I've had lying around in some form for a while but never took the time to fix up so they actually look nice.  Now I have, though, and they're up there, so go see 'em.

September 5, 2002
- So much for my May updating streak...the reason I haven't been updating, well, the people who read my journal may figure it out, but it's because I was gone a LOT over the summer, and was only at home for three two-week periods, during which I was mainly packing for the NEXT trip I was gonna take, so I got very little done...not to mention my computer dying halfway through the summer.  Sincerest apologies to all for my lack-of-update-ness.
- I got the CD list back up at Koikawa, which I had to reconstruct due to its getting lost when my computer crashed...I think I updated my profile, too.
- More stuff on the KiSS page...I think I updated the Me page, Progress, and Future.
- A much-needed update to Kill the Spare, including a fanfic I received in...oh, god, March?  April? that I procrastinated putting up.  Aieeee!  I'm sooo sorry, Stephanie! ^^;;;

May 29, 2002
- Wow, this is the first time in ages that I've updated twice in one month, ne?  'S because school's out and I have more time now.  But anyway...
- New KiSS doll up on the progress page (Ginny, although we haven't exactly started her yet), one dropped (Sei and Yuki), and one aaaaalmost finished (Kihana).
- Couple more fanarts...I think they're all under Random Pics.
- Updated CD and MP3 lists at Koikawa, and made the Recommendations page
- And another section added on the quotes page.

May 13, 2002
- New episode of Conclave!  WOOHOO!  Yeah, finally, huh?  I won't be writing them that often anymore, because I'm writing a bunch of other stories now, but there will still be new eppies every so often.  So no, I'm not dropping Conclave...not entirely yet, anyway. ^-^
- Acacia and Trinity is FINISHED!  Man, lots of coding...oh yeah, and I updated the "progress" page mo.  With pictures.
- I bet you all got scared when I didn't update Koikawa last time, huh?  Well, I updated it lots this time.  And not just new quotes and stuff, either...
- ...but also the music page got some updates, in the form of a new format for the CD list.

March 17, 2002
- New layout up for Basket Case, which you've probably noticed...Nanba from HanaKimi. ^-^ Waiii...
- Updated Yuurei
- One new drawing under Random Pics
- A new KiSS doll just finished...I tried to get Acacia and Trinity done but that'll probably be for next time.
- And a bunch of new projects on my In Progress KiSS page.  It's weird, I have all these dolls I just started, so they're all 1% and 2% done...^^;;;

February 10, 2002
- Updates to the In Progress KiSS page...a new project from last time (I think) and a list of stuff I'm going to do next.
- More little mini-doll-things on the Complete KiSS page...you know, the cute little mini-representations of all the dolls I've done?  Yeah, more of those.
- Three new fanarts...I'm working on a portfolio so I can get into animation summer school, so that's why I'm drawing so much now. ^-^
- I finally updated my old oooollld in-depth profile at Koikawa!  Wow, was that out-of-date.  Probably some more updates at Koikawa too...you know, the usual. :P