In case you get the crazy idea into your head that you want to actually LINK...nah, no one in their right mind would ever want to do that.  Linking to Basket Case.  HAHAHA!  That's funny.  But you know, some people just might, as ridiculous as that sounds.  So here I have the linking banners. *muffled laughter* Hehheh...
banners for the collective
look!  It's a Pichu!  I gotta catch it! (-o-)
I have discovered the katakana font!  NOTHING CAN STOP MEEEE!
I think this is from a SM doujinshi...not sure.
this is that cute little Utena piccie I used to have up here
this is from the ep. where everyone switched places...ROTFL
this took a bit of time to do, but darnit isn't it cool?
I worked pretty hard on it and I think it's cool...


banners for Koikawa
ooh, the hiragana font!  Now I'm REALLY invincible!
I like the costumes they're wearing in this.
I like Sakura, even though I've only seen 2 episodes