Ah yes, Pocket Bishoujo/Bishounen, a recent craze. ^-^ It's actually pretty fun...you go to a site, answer questions about your bishoujo/bishounen of choice, and then you "catch" them and get a cute picture for your website.  What's not to like, hey?  Pocket Bishounen can be reached at this site and Pocket Bishoujo is here, in case you were interested.  Anyway, on with the show...
yay Juri! she's a little scary...^^ But she's cool.
I wish they'd had a better picture of her, but this will do she's just cool, all right?
heh heh...Nanami-onee-san! It's Hayashibara Megumi...isn't she cute?
quite remarkable really, as I know next to nothing about Gundam... *sob* Nuriko....
hooray for green-haired people named Ferio! *g* Bill is cool, and if Rowling has him dating Fleur in Book 5 I will be VERY mad
my third-favorite character...too bad there's no Sirius bishie to keep him company ^-^ yeah, I like Snape...gotta problem with that?
heh, my friends never knew what they were getting into when they recommended me to watch Gundam Wing... he's the dark-haired guy in the current layout, ya know