Chibi-Riven (a superdeformed version of me)
Okay, this is my rantings/reviews/whatever section. It's basically a bunch of column/article things that I wrote. Reviews of anime, Sailormoon stuff, my opinions, or various anime-related things that bug me. And this is all just my opinion, you don't have to agree. If you do, that's cool. But if not, oh well, deal with it because it's kinda difficult to change my opinions.


Senshi Awards

Review of Mixx's Sailor Moon Manga

Other anime as compared to Sailormoon

Ayanami: tales from the new computer

Senshi myths: me misusing my knowledge of the Greek legends.  Be very afraid.

Great-Grandchild of the A-Bomb: how the bomb is/may be connected to Sailormoon

To hentai or not to hentai?  My opinions on the matter.
Senshi bumper stickers: not a rant, a humor...thing.