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Okay, if you've read the updates page yet, you know that I got a new computer.  And that's why I haven't updated in a long time.  Well, here's the story just in case you want to know (not like you would, but anyway).
See, a week ago my dad ordered a computer over Onsale, that online auction thing.  We managed to get it at about half the store price, and of course Otou-san liked that because he doesn't like to spend a ton of money (hehe, that's an understatement).  It took almost a week to get here (got here today, finally), but I think it was worth the wait.  Anyway, I'd transferred all of my files to one of those Sparq drive things (it's like a portable floppy disk, only stores lots more stuff), and then (this was kinda stupid of me, but...) I unplugged my old computer and stashed it away in the garage once I'd gotten all my files on Sparky (the Sparq drive).  So that's why I was unable to update, because my computer wasn't really functioning.
Then yesterday the new one came.  It's a laptop, and it's by NEC (a Japanese company, because the N stands for Nihon, which is what Japan is called in Japanese).  It's only about seven pounds, and it's gray (like most computers).  It came with a CD-ROM drive, and a separate floppy disk drive (you gotta plug it in, and it's like an extra attachment thing).  It has a touch pad instead of a mouse, which is not a good thing.  See, you move your finger across the pad to move the cursor, and if you touch the pad it clicks.  So if I accidentally touch the pad while I'm typing, it could just screw everything up. 
But another thing that I'd like the computer companies to know (this is what makes this a rant article): a computer is NOT a cheap advertising ploy!  They put all these ads on my computer, and free services and junk that I don't even want (it came with AOL, CompuServe, AND Prodigy), and I assume these companies pay them to put crap on my computer so that I'll want to buy their products.  Although I liked the free AOL IM that they stashed on here, everything else I just deleted and now it's festering in my recycle bin (where it belongs).  Please, if you're gonna sell a computer, don't clutter it with ads, okay?  It wastes the 4 GB!  I hate ads, they suck.
Anyway, now that I'm out of rant mode...I actually named my computer.  Its name is Ayanami, after Ayanami Rei from Evangelion.  I must have agonized for an hour over what to name the thing.  Among the possible names were Pikachu, Raichu, Hotaru, Makoto, Tomoe, Asuka, Lina, and some others which I can't remember at the moment.  But since I can't really picture a computer named Makoto or something like that, and Ayanami seemed like the best name for a computer, that's what I called it.
Aside from the stupid baka ads, Ayanami came with Windows 98, Microsoft Word 99, and MSIE whatever the latest version is.  MSIE sucks, so I replaced it with Netscape...uh, whatever the latest version of that is (I know it's Communicator something).  All I can say is this Netscape better be worth it and it better not crash, because it took an hour to download.  It also came with, as I said above, an AOL Instant Messager.  I haven't used it yet, but I've signed up under the name Ayanami12 (in case anyone wants to IM me, there it is).  It looks cool, kinda like ICQ (which I need to download to Ayanami, like, soon).  I also installed PSP 5, which has been lying around for a while but which I hadn't installed until now.
So that's my tragic computer plight (not really tragic, but that just sounds good).  And now I'm back, yay.
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