What is Omake?  Omake means extra in Japanese, and it's usually used to describe an extra segment at the end of an anime or manga.  The stuff in the Omake section of the page are the pages that didn't fit into any other category.  There's stuff about symbolism in Sailormoon, some useless facts that I couldn't really fit in anywhere else, fanart, and some useful Japanese phrases.
Sailorsaturn videogame image
Colors: The senshi's colors, and what they mean.
Japanese phrases: Occasionally I use Japanese throughout the page...go here to see what I'm saying
Mythology and planets: The senshi's Greek/Roman god counterparts, and information about their planets.
Character Names: What the senshi names mean, and why Naoko chose them.
Random facts: Weird, little-known things about Sailormoon
Channelwood Library: a page which has all my fanfictions, please go read them?
Clones: a new section, about what SM characters look like each other and look like other characters or people
Greeting Cards: What it says.  Except the cards have only my fanart pictures on them, nothing else.

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