Super Sailor Moon (I like her hair in this)
Sailor Moon - Tsukino Usagi
Real Name: Tsukino Usagi 
Name meaning: rabbit on the moon 
Birthday: June 30 
Zodiac Sign: Cancer 
Height: 4'11" 
Senshi Position: Inner Senshi, Moon Princess
Element: none really
Fighting Style: offensive
Secret Weapons: being the Moon Princess, possessing the Ginzuishou
Guardian: Luna
Favorite Color: white 
Hobbies: eating, sleeping 
Favorite Subject: Home Economics 
Worst Subject: math and English 
Favorite Food: cake, ice cream 
Favorite Gemstone: diamond 
Family: parents and a brother (Tsukino Kenji, Tsukino Ikuko, and Tsukino Shingo), all alive and shown 
Dream: to be a bride 
Seiyuu: Mitsuishi Kotono, Araki Kae (episodes 44 through 50 only)
Usagi has a personality typical to that of a main character in a shoujo anime: she's clumsy, not too smart, cries a lot, innocent, naive, etc.  She practically can't walk down the street without tripping and falling or doing something like that.  She's always late, and sleeps a lot.  She rarely, if ever, studies, so she of course gets horrible grades on tests.  She's not too responsible, kind of a flake.  The other girls (especially Ami) always remind her that if she doesn't study that she'll never get into a good college.  The things that she does the most are eating, playing video games, sleeping, and crying.  She's very sensitive, and cries A LOT at the littlest things.  Usagi believes that there is good in all people, that's why she healed the Ayakashi sisters, Mistress 9, and the Amazoness Quartet instead of killing them just because they were villains.
As Sailormoon, Usagi is the leader of the senshi and debatably the most powerful (I personally think that Saturn is, but that's a matter of opinion).  At first she didn't want to accept the fact that she was Sailormoon, but she learned that it was her destiny and there was nothing she could do about it. She has sacrificed her own life many times to save the other senshi and Mamoru or Naru.  She cares very much for her friends and would do basically anything for them.
She tends to develop close relationships with people she starts out to dislike, such as Luna, Rei, and Mamoru.  Luna, her guardian cat, is a good friend to her, almost like a parent although they're both the same age.  Even though Luna may criticize her or nag her occasionally, it's for her own good and Luna only does it because she wants Usagi to become a better person.  As for Rei, though she acts a bit cruel to Usagi sometimes and makes her cry, Rei is probably her best friend of all the senshi.  Like Luna, she only criticizes her because she wants her to do better.
And Mamoru, well, he loves her and she loves him (oh come on guys, like you needed me to tell you that? ^_^).  At first, they couldn't stand each other.  Mamoru was always calling her stupid and "odango atama" (dumpling head, because of her hairstyle).  But once they realized their destinies, and about how they were together in their past lives, they learned to tolerate each other.  Usagi affectionately refers to him as Mamo-chan, and he calls her Usako (bunny child).  She may drool over cute guys she sees on occasion, as Mamoru may flirt with another girl (like Ami, for instance), but it doesn't mean anything.  She and Mamoru are required, by destiny, to be together.  They eventually marry, he being King Endymion and she being Neo-Queen Serenity of Crystal Tokyo.  And they have a daughter, Usagi Small Lady Serenity aka Chibiusa.  Mamoru may act cold to her on occasion, but that's just because he isn't too comfortable about showing his feelings.  Sometimes it seems like she worships him and he could care less, but that isn't the case.  He does tell her, at the beginning of Sailorstars (the last season) that he loves her (FINALLY!).  They split up a lot, and it seems like their relationship is always at the breaking point sometimes, but you can tell it's real love and not just some on again/off again, typical junior high school relationship.

Moon Prism Power, Make-Up: What Usagi says to transform into Sailor Moon in the first season

Moon Crystal Power, Make-Up: Usagi's transformation phrase to transform into Sailor Moon after her brooch is destroyed in R.

Moon Cosmic Power, Make-Up: Usagi's transformation in SMS.

Moon Crisis, Make Up: Usagi's transformation to become Super Sailormoon

Moon Eternal Make-Up: Usagi's transformation into Eternal Sailormoon

Moon nare: Not really a transformation, but it's what she says to disguise herself.  She says "Moon Power," then what she wants to disguise herself as, then "ni nare."

Note: I think I left out a few of Sailormoon's countless powers.  That's because I don't know all of them, and also I'm not sure what all of her attacks do.  Plus, some of them she uses only once, so they don't count.

Moon Tiara Action: Sailor Moon takes off her tiara and throws it at her enemy, it stuns them or injures them

Moon Healing Escalation: Sailor Moon says this to turn monsters back into humans.

Moon Princess Halation: What Sailor Moon says in R to destroy monsters

Moon Spiral Heart Attack: Sailor Moon's attack in S using the Spiral Moon Heart Rod.  She waves the rod around and heart ribbons weave around the enemy and they sorta blow up

Rainbow Moon Heart Ache: Super Sailor Moon's attack in S with the Spiral Moon Heart Rod.  Like Moon Spiral Heart Attack, only different.

Moon Gorgeous Meditation: Sailor Moon's attack using the Moon Kaleidoscope in SuperS

Starlight Honeymoon Therapy Kiss: Eternal Sailormoon's healing power

Silver Moon Crystal Power Kiss: an attack that Eternal Sailormoon gets from ChibiChibi

Transformation brooch: What Usagi uses to transform in the first season

Luna Pen: What she uses to disguise herself

Communicator: A communication device that all the senshi have

Moon Stick: The wand that Sailor Moon uses to heal youma in the first season

Ginzuishou: The Silver Crystal and the source of Sailor Moon's power

Crystal compact: What she uses to transform in SMR

Cutie Moon Rod: What she uses with her attacks in SMR

Communicator Watch: Another communicator that the senshi get

Cosmic Heart Compact: Her transformation compact in SMS

Spiral Heart Moon Rod: Her weapon that she uses with her attacks in SMS

Holy Grail: Formed when the Talismans come together, she uses it to transform into Super Sailormoon the first time

Crisis Moon Compact: What Usagi uses to transform into Super Sailormoon

Moon Kaleidoscope: What Super Sailormoon uses with her attacks

Eternal Compact: What turns Usagi into Eternal Sailormoon

Eternal Tier: What Eternal Sailormoon uses with her attacks

Rumors/things you may have heard but aren't true
- Usagi's last name is spelled Tukino: I can understand how you could get this wrong, but no, it's Tsukino.
- Mamoru's last name is Tiba: Oh, so Mamoru's the demon chicken from Slayers?  Heh.  Same with the Tukino thing, it has to do with Japanese writing, hard to explain (it's Chiba, by the way).
- ChibiChibi is Usagi's granddaughter/second child/whatever: ChibiChibi is Galaxia's Star Seed.
- Usagi and Rei are lovers: no!  Geez, they're just friends.
- Rei hates Usagi and stole her Moon Stick: This is a DiC mistake.  Rei didn't steal it, she had it for safekeeping.
- Usagi's English name is Victoria or Celeste: Actually, they were going to use those names, but they decided not to and to use Serena instead.