Sailor Riven


Real name: Willow McCall  
Meaning: um..a willow is a type of tree, and my middle name (Estrella) means star in Spanish, but it can also mean to smash into something  
Birthday: November 6th, 1985 
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio (that means my guardian planet is Pluto, yay!)  
Height: 5'8"  
Age: 15 
Favorite colors: green, blue, gold 
Hobbies: acting, computers, Sailor Moon, writing  
Favorite Subject: Spanish  
Strengths: intelligent, creative  
Weaknesses: slightly eccentric (though maybe that's a good thing?), and sometimes bitchy. 
Likes: making websites, Celtic music, anime  
Dislikes: stupidity, prejudice, immaturity, and CHRISTIANITY. 
Fears: fire, murderers, pain...but strangely enough, not death 
Favorite Food: anything Italian  
Favorite Gemstone: emerald, lapis lazuli 
Family: both parents and one sister (Kiera, who's 25), all still alive (at least I hope so)  
Religion: Atheist (yes, I'm an Atheist, deal with it)  
Dream: I really have no clue yet...but I do want to find a job that I enjoy doing, and get married (man or woman, I don't know yet), have kids by whatever means ^.^ and live in Vermont (heheh), Arizona, New Mexico, or (if I'm lucky) San Francisco.
Okay I guess you want to know about me huh?  Wow, you're probably really bored if you do. ^-^ Um, anyway, hi.  I'm Willow, but you may know me as...well, see the list of nicknames over there.  Anyway, yes, about me.  I'm fifteen, but people say that I don't act or look 15.  And in my opinion that's a compliment.  I suppose I am mature and intelligent for my age, but then if you know any young teenagers you know that's not saying much.  Not meaning to brag or anything (really!), but I'm actually starting college next year and totally skipping high school.  Um...I guess you could say I'm outgoing, although I didn't used to be.  See, I used to be very quiet, ever since I was like, eight.  But now I'm not really.  Oh, I'm also very sarcastic.  If you've seen any of my pages you'll know that.  But I consider myself to be a generally nice person, and if I happen to insult you I don't mean to.  The only situation wherein I would be really mean would be one wherein someone was really ticking me off, making fun of me, being prejudiced, etc. and in that case, well, look out and hide any breakable objects or potential weapons.  I'm not afraid to state my opinions, and according to some people that makes me a bitch.  So be it. (hey, in my opinion that's a compliment.  I'm weird.) 
I'm also an Atheist.  Haha, I bet you didn't see that coming, did you?  And I'm sick of people stereotyping us and saying that we're all Antichrists or devil-worshippers, WE ARE NOT.  We don't believe in any gods or deities of any kind, and this includes the devil, so how could we worship something that we don't believe in?  We don't hate God either, just disbelieve in it.  Nor does this mean that we reject the Ten Commandments because they were written by a false god, and so that makes us bad people, no.  We are (mostly) normal, moral human beings.  Don't believe anything that this evil man says, Atheists are good people.  So are homosexuals, which I happen to be also.  Okay, so I'm not a lesbian, I just like to call myself one, I'm bisexual.  Repeat, this does not, in any way, make me evil or freakish or incapable of raising a child or any of that crap.  We're people too! 
I think that the anime character that best matches my personality is...Pikachu. *rimshot* No, just kidding.  No seriously, I think it's Ryuuzaki Umi from Magic Knight Rayearth.  From what I've seen she's usually a decent person, except when someone annoys her, then she gets all super-deformed and starts yelling.  Or maybe it's Hino Rei (yes, Sailormars) who is like me, because she's rather bitchy too, but she cares a lot for Usagi.  I don't perpetually treat people badly like Rei sometimes does tho.  But I am a little bit anti-male, at least anti-teenaged-males (why? well, just take a look at my old junior high..). So I guess I'm like manga Rei crossed with Umi, except I'm more hyper like Minako.

T.V. show: Sailor Moon of course!  Oh, and also Pop-up Video on VH1, Sports Night, Father Ted, and Fawlty Towers. 

Song: um... (how could I pick just one?) "Radio" (the Corrs), "My Father's Eyes" (Eric Clapton), "Time" (Lionel Richie), "Basket Case" (Green Day), "Virtual Insanity" (Jamiroquai), "Higher" (Creed) 

Phrases: "Dip dee do," "yeah," "cool," "whatever," "yeah right," "la de da,"  

Movies: Vertigo, Silence of the Lambs, Psycho 

Singers/groups: Kila, Matchbox 20, Seal, David Arkenstone, Phil Collins, Elton John, Hootie and the Blowfish, Sting 

CDs (music): "Pilgrim" by Eric Clapton, "Cracked Rear View" by Hootie and the Blowfish, "Citizen of the World," by David Arkenstone, either one of Seal's self-titled albums (but not Human Being), "Tog E Go Bog E" by Kila, anything by Kila really 

Things that she is obsessed with: Irish music, the internet, Shoujo Kakumei Utena, Pokemon GS, Harry Potter, anime, drawing, writing, Riven (the computer game), fanfics, "Rent" (a musical), the novels that I'm currently writing (I think about them constantly)...lots of other things... 

Her anime preferences
Top 5 favorite anime:
1. Fushigi Yuugi: This is such a cool show.  I love the music, the plot, and even to some degree the characters (especially Nuriko, although I don't like Miaka).  I believe this is the only anime to date that has both made me cry and made me want to stage a mass murder (well maybe not _mass,_ maybe just of Miaka and Ashitare and some of the other characters)

2. Sailormoon: This would have been my favorite if it weren't for FY.  The characters are all very likable, the music is cute, and the animation (sometimes), the plot...need I say more?  If only it weren't for DiC and Cloverway, their hack job kinda ruined my first impressions of the series.

3. Shoujo Kakumei Utena: This is just a great show.  The animation, in my opinion, is wonderful, as is the music, and Utena is the coolest.  She's almost one of those too-perfect characters, but I like her anyway. Although the liberal use of stock footage does get annoying...I mean, how many times do we really need to hear Touga talking about smashing the world's shell?

4. Serial Experiments Lain: It's very...weird.  Like Evangelion, it's high-tech and sort of confusing and psychological, but even WEIRDER if that's possible.  But it's still very interesting and somewhat creepy.  Iwakura Lain...frightens me. ^.^ As does Arisu, and Lain's sister (does she have a name?).

5. Neon Genesis Evangelion: This one's kind of weird, and it's very psychological.  I usually don't like shows with mecha and a lot of violence *coughcough*Dragonball*cough* but the characters are just great.  Oh, except that the ending sucked.  Like a bunch of people sitting around and going "omedetou, omedetou" answered any of the questions?  I just needa see the movies.

Least Favorite Anime: Dragonball Z (stupid and violent) and Urusei Yatsura (Lum annoyed me so much, I didn't even finish watching one episode)

Song from an anime: "Cruel Angel's Thesis" from Eva, "Don't Be Discouraged" from Slayers, the ending theme from "Fushigi Yuugi" (ack, what's it called...), "Heart of Sword - Yoake Mae" from Rurouni Kenshin, and "Rinbu - Revolution" from Shoujo Kakumei Utena

Top 10 female characters

1. Tenjou Utena (Shoujo Kakumei Utena): She rocks.  Come to think of it, she's a little tiny bit like me.  Oh, and since she beat Touga, Saionji, and Nanami at the duels that automatically makes her cool in my book.  And she can actually pull off having pink hair too, not like Chibiusa *barf*

2. Arisugawa Juri (Utena): Juri-senpai is so cool.  Too bad she still loves that Shiori twit or else she and Miki would be a good couple, never mind the fact that he's maybe three years younger than her.  Aaaaand...her seiyuu is Mitsuishi Kotono!  Wow, she has a lot of voice range, doesn't she?  Juri and Usagi, both the same seiyuu, and they're so different.

3. Ryuuzaki Umi (Rayearth): Yes, everyone, my favorite of the Rayearth girls has changed again.  Now I like Umi because now she's the closest one to my personality.  Sure, she's a bit self-involved and selfish and self-whatever, but she's got attitude.  I like that.

4. Tomoe Hotaru/Sailorsaturn: The Silent Messiah.  Well, she's my favorite senshi, and she's just really cool!  Plus, way back when I even used to act like her too.  Plus she must be blessed or something for Cloverway to keep her original name (well, her first name, her surname they mispronounced) and give her a semi-okay voice.

5. Ayanami Rei (Evangelion): She is just cool!  I loved that scene where she slapped Shinji on the escalator, and how she says "Watashi wa anata no ningyou janai."  Oh yeah, and she's also voiced by Hayashibara Megumi (so is Lina Inverse), who is my favorite seiyuu.

6. Hino Rei/Sailormars (Sailormoon): Rei is awesome in the manga 'cause she's sorta anti-male, plus IMHO she's the prettiest Inner Senshi.  Phobos and Deimos were kinda cool too.  She's like the goddess Artemis, a prize for no man. ^-^

7. Tira Misu (Bakuretsu Hunters): Tira-chan is the best!  I luuuuuv her, she's very kawaii (in a good way).  I love her hair, it's so wavy and just generally cool, even for being pink (what is it with me and girls with pastel hair?  Tira, Utena, Juri, Umi, Canal...).  She's so much cuter when she takes off her glasses so you can see her eyes, but she's cute with sunglasses too.

8. Lina Inverse (Slayers): Maybe she's annoying sometimes, but I still like her.  Also, she has the Dragon Slave, which is really cool.  The interaction between her and Gourry (or any other character for that matter) is always just hilarious.

9. Ichino (Battle Athletes): Heheh.  Ichino can be really funny sometimes, and she's a good athlete, and she also does a great job of making Akari leave her "house" every once in a while.  I'm so upset she didn't make University Sattelite...wah. ;_; Oh, and Jessie from Battle Athletes is cool too.  I could really relate to the girl who asked Jessie to be her girlfriend in that one episode with Woong A-Ji (heehee).

10. Canal Vorfeed (Lost Universe): I like her hair a lot, especially the color, which goes well with her eyes.  She's kawaii...gods, look how many of my favorites are voiced by Hayashibara Megumi.  She just adds that extra little spark to a character, you know?  I think if I cosplayed (big huge IF considering I can't even sew) I'd go as Canal, even dying my hair greenish-blue.  That'd be fun.

Top 6 male characters (shorter list for the simple fact that I just couldn't think of any others)

1. Nuriko (Fushigi Yuugi): A lot of people didn't like Nuriko when he first appeared, when he was crossdressing as Kourin and generally acting like a real bitch, but I liked him even then.  Now, I don't get why he fell for Miaka.  That was very out-of-character, I thought, I mean you'd think he'd be smarter than that.  But otherwise he was very cool and I shall never, for as long as I live, forgive Miaka, Ashitare, or Tamahome (Miaka because he sacrificed himself for that little bimbo, Ashitare for obvious reasons, and Tamahome because couldn't he have done something to stop it?).

2. Brock/Takeshi (Pokemon/Pocket Monsters): He's cute too.  Pocket Monsters has both Kojiro, Takeshi, and whatshisname, the other Rocket Gang guy, and they're so cute.  It's not fair to other shows who have not-as-cool guys (like SKU).  Some people don't like Takeshi-chan because he's girl-crazy, but I think that's cute too.  He and Kojiro are both just all-around cute characters, in terms of physical appearance and personality.

3. Zelgadis (Slayers): He was basically the only sane one of the whole Slayers group, what with Lina, Amelia (the justice-freak), Gourry (whom if DiC had dubbed him they would have given him a surfer voice), and everyone else, he was the straight man.  And he's so so cute!  Even if he is a Chimera.  How can you not like him?

4. Ferio (Magic Knight Rayearth): He acts like a jerk to the Knights at first, but you gotta admit he's cute.  I dunno why I like him, I just do...he's so cool!  And I like his name ('cause one of the characters in my Pokemon story is named Ferio!).  It's just too bad in the manga they make him say "y'all" and stuff all the time, because even if in the original he supposedly has an accent, it's distracting when they try to translate it into the manga.

5. James/Kojiro (Pokemon): I'll defend Pokemon to my death, it's such a cute show.  Excuse me for screaming and using the name of the nonexistant guy-in-the-sky, but OMIGOD HE IS SO CUTE!!!  Hehe.  Usually I don't like bishounen, especially if they're the super-effeminate kind that sits around talking about how great they are (TOUGA!  Tougatougatouga, and Saionji), but he doesn't (nope, he's much cuter than any of those other crossdressing bishounen).  Anyway, the Team Rocket speech does get annoying but I still think he's cool.

Least favorite characters
1. Yuuki Miaka (Fushigi Yuugi): Omigoddess, this girl is so disgusting.  I hate how she gets all the Suzaku Seishi hanging all over her, when she's an annoying little brat and there's nothing even slightly attractive about her.  One good thing though, is that she made Hotohori stop thinking about himself all the time.  That was a good thing.  And she's such an IDIOT!  She's so naive, and blindly trusting, just like every lead character in a shoujo anime.  The more I see Miaka, the more I like non-stereotyped girls like Utena.  I mean, hello, can anyone say "Usagi wannabe?" (only Usagi at least is halfway decent) Then they try to make her seem not like an selfish brat when she sacrifices herself (over and over again).  I think she wouldn't have done that, that was very out of character.  You know that scene where they thought they'd have to kill her in order to save her?  If I'd been there I would have been like, okay, I'll do it!  Yay, I can rid the world of this force of evil.

2. Kiryuu Nanami (Shoujo Kakumei Utena): I don't care if she has a brother complex, a guilty past, or whatever, that doesn't give her the right to act all holier-than-thou all the time.  That's what everyone says: "Oh, you can't blame her, she has a troubled life" but what about Anshi?  What has Anshi ever done to her that Nanami (and Aiko, and Yuuko, and Keiko) keeps pushing her around and humiliating her?  And she always blames everyone else for bad stuff that happens to her or her "Oniisama", like Utena, Anshi, or even the kitten *sob*

3. Naga (Slayers): I absolutely can't stand showy, flirty women with annoying laughs. (Esmeraude, Kodachi, Nanami...) This lady is absolutely insane.  She just thinks she's the greatest, the best, etc. at everything, when the only good thing about her nevermind, there is nothing good about her.

4. Hiyama Hikaru (Kimagure Orange Road): Icky.  She's always trying to interfere with Madoka and Kyosuke, and of course she wants Kyosuke all to herself, when it's obvious that he only loves Madoka.  She is just so annoying!  Oh yeah, and WTF is up with those sideburn things?  They look disgusting.

5. Kiryuu Touga and Saionji Kyouichi (Shoujo Kakumei Utena): For the nonexistant god's sake, men, cut your hair!  Like I said on my rants page, they look like women who have had bad plastic surgery.  And they're both so arrogant you just want to strangle them!  What the hell makes Saionji think that he can shove Anshi around and treat her however he pleases just because he's supposedly her "master"?  Everyone says he really loves her, but I think if he really loved her he wouldn't want to hurt her.  As for Touga, I just think he's disgusting; I don't like playboys. :P Although he's kinda growing on me, especially in Adolescence Mokushiroku (MUST HAVE THAT MOVIE!), but I still don't like him.

Favorite seiyuu: Hayashibara Megumi, Ogata Megumi, Mitsuishi Kotono, Midorikawa Hikaru, Seki Tomokazu

List of anime/manga I've seen/read (+ next to it means I liked it, - means I didn't)
+ Sailormoon
- Dragonball Z
+ Magic Knight Rayearth
+ Ranma 1/2
- Tenchi Muyo
- Urusei Yatsura
+ Neon Genesis Evangelion
+ Slayers
+ Aa Megami-sama
+ Kimagure Orange Road
+ Ryu Knight
+ Card Captor Sakura
+ Lost Universe
- Maison Ikkoku
+ Fushigi Yuugi
+ Kodomo no Omocha
- Maze
+ Saber Marionette
+ Pokemon
+ Shoujo Kakumei Utena
- Yawara!
+ Master Mosquiton '99
- City Hunter
- Martian Successor Nadesico
- Brain Power'd
+ Devil Hunter Yohko
+ Battle Athletes
+ Megami Paradise
- Steam Detectives
+ X
+ Video Girl Ai
+ Short Program
+ Kiki's Delivery Service
+ Barefoot Gen
+ Mononoke Hime
+ Serial Experiments Lain
+ Vision of Escaflowne
- Galaxy Express 999
+ Bakuretsu Hunters
+ El Hazard
- Marionette Generation
- Sazan Eyes
+ Gundam Wing
+ Macross 7
- One Piece
- Strange Dawn
+ Yami no Matsuei
+ Noir
+ The Gatekeepers
- Blood: The Last Vampire
+ Comic Party
+ Mahou Senshi Riui
- Blue Gender
- Project ARMS
+ Now and Then, Here and There
+ You're Under Arrest
+ Nadia: Secret of Blue Water
+ Love Hina
+ Tenshi ni Narumon
+ Wild Arms: Twilight Venom
+ Angelic Layer
- Vandread
+ Ayashi no Ceres
- Kareshi Kanojo no Jijou
- Trigun