Er, some bad news here, people (or good news, depending on how you interpret it).  Cruelly Innocent is no more.  No more updates, and I'm taking down all the pages here so you won't even be able to read the reviews or whatnot anymore.  And no, it's not because of any flames I've gotten; I'm not taking it down because I'm too much of a wimp to handle a little abuse.  Those of you who have flamed me, please DON'T have the conceit to think that you shut down this page.  I really should have shut it down a long time ago, before I got my first negative comment about the page.  I started this page for the wrong reasons, I think.  I had a few fanfics I wanted to comment on, but beyond those I couldn't really muster up the enthusiasm to review them.  I didn't have any reviewing experience before, and...I don't know, it just never felt right.  Reviewing became more of a chore, and of course when a page is no longer fun you shouldn't do it anymore.  So that's why I'm closing this page.  To whoever liked it, too bad (I can't imagine why though).  To those who didn't like it, be happy that my evil reviews will never see the light of day again.  ^-^ So see ya later, and make sure you check out my other sites too, okay?
Ja, mata,