I try to not base my page on opinions, so here's where I actually can speak my opinions about anything.  This page includes how I rank the Senshi, villains, and stuff like that, as well as a few pointless rants of mine.  I hadn't updated this page in ages until recently, and it really needed it, so the opinions you see now are the most current ones.


1. Sailor Saturn: Saturn/Hotaru is my favorite because for one thing, she can destroy the world in three words.  Which I think is cool, not that it would be if she ever used that power, but it's interesting that so much power is held by this frail, weak individual.  Second, she's a lot like how I used to be, actually (she's an outcast among her classmates, she's shy, etc.).  I also love how she looks, especially in the manga, and her sailor suit is cool too.  Plus, she has that Silence Glaive, which is really nifty.  I also think that her as Mistress 9, even though she's really evil, is still way cool.  She must lead a charmed existance to have Cloverway keep her original name (more or less, although they mispronounced it) and give her a voice that's actually bearable.  I guess there's nothing I don't like about Saturn.  You just can't insult her at all, you know? 

2. Sailor Mars: I like her because she has very cool-looking and effective attacks, and I also like her henshin sequence, which is my second favorite of the inners' henshins (second to Sailor Mercury).  The fact that she controls fire is kinda neat, and her fire attacks match her personality *g*.  She's also the most beautiful of the Inners, and I like how in the manga she's anti-male and doesn't really trust men.  She, IMHO, has the most powerful attacks of the inners (not counting Sailor Moon).  Well...maybe not, maybe Jupiter has the best attacks.  Anyway, I also like her voice in both versions.  Her songs from the original are sorta weird (I've heard that they were purposely written to emulate Michael Jackson, why anyone would want to do that I have no idea), but they're cool too. 

3. Sailor Jupiter: Well, there's the obvious fact that Mako looks, like, exactly like me: tall (we're both 5'6"!), brown hair, greenish eyes, etc.  Then she's the strongest Sailor Senshi, and the only one brave enough to beat up the enemy in her regular form.  She's also got one of the most complicated personalities of the senshi, along with Saturn and maybe Uranus.  Also her attacks are neato, and I especially like Supreme Thunder Dragon and Jupiter Oak Evolution.  She's pretty cool.

4. Sailor Pluto: I think that Pluto is the second (maybe third) most powerful Sailor Senshi.  Since she can control time and all, and no other Senshi can do anything like that.  I also like her voice in the Japanese version, and I love Dead Scream: how it looks, how she says it, and the name Dead Scream. *blasts the aforementioned Dead Scream attack at Cloverway for making her _yell_ the phrase, which is ridiculous, and at DiC for calling her "Sailor P"* Ehm, yeah.  And she has an okay voice in the CWI dub, and the name Trista is cool although it doesn't fit her very well.

5. Sailor Venus: She's like Usagi, except she's more interesting and more complex.  She can be really insane sometimes and a bit obsessive, like about being pure enough to attract the Death Busters to steal her pure heart.  She has a...well, unique voice, I guess.  I don't particularly like her atttacks or her henshin, but she was cool as Sailor V.

6. Sailor Neptune: Okay...maybe Michiru is a little *too* perfect.  But hey, I'm Outer senshi prejudiced sometimes (except when it comes to Uranus..).  I also love how Deep Submerge looks and how she says all her attacks.  Her mirror-thingy is cool too, how it shows the truth in all things, and if those things really existed I'd want one.  It's sometimes good and sometimes bad that she's so mission-oriented, although it was selfish of her to just give up her mission and try to kill herself when Uranus died.  That's a bit contradictory.  Also, it's just physically impossible to bounce a lemon on a violin while you're playing it.  Trust me, I play the violin myself, although not as good as Michiru, I bet even Dee Armstrong (from Kila) couldn't do that.

7.  Sailor Uranus: I didn't used to like her, but now I think she's okay.  She's cool-looking, and she looks good in men's clothes but it's even better on the rare occasion that she dresses more like a girl.  It's kind of neat that she's so young yet she's known internationally as a racer.  Her attacks and transformations are very cool-looking, and blue and gold look good together.  The things I don't like about her are that she's arrogant; I mean, she's cool, but she's not as great as she thinks she is.  And she can be very cold sometimes too.  Her voice actress (Ogata Megumi) is very talented, but I don't think the VA that Cloverway gave her understands that one can sound masculine without sounding completely robotic and monotonous.

8. Sailor Mercury: I would like Ami better, except that she's sort of boring and, basically, whatever she does Michiru can do better.  Sure, she's smart, but that's only because she studies all the time.  Michiru and Hotaru, however, are smart naturally.  Her attacks are really pathetic, but I liked Shine Aqua Illusion (except in the dub when the VA pronounced it like "ack-wa").  I mean, sure, the monsters are gonna be really scared of a few bubbles.  I didn't like her in Ami-chan no Hatsukoi, although it was great to see her acting so different, she was still a bit obsessive about it.

9. Sailor Moon: She's kind of like Miaka, except less annoying.  She has Miaka's good qualities (purity, kindness, self-sacrificing) but without the annoying voice and the unrealistic amounts of people falling in love with her that Miaka has.  Although I have this thing against idiotic people, I just can't put up with them for very long without wanting to smack some sense into their heads.  And some of the really sappy scenes, like where Sailormoon and Tuxedo Kamen turn into Princess Serenity and Endymion and create the Spiral Moon Heart Rod.

10. Sailor Chibimoon and Sailor Chibichibimoon: ChibiUsa is way too cute.  I mean, the pink hair...eew.  She's also such a brat to Sailor Moon when she first appears, it's sickening.  But the most annoying thing she does?  Her song that she sings about Tuxedo Mask in the NA version.  AAAAAHHH!  That song could drive me insane...oh wait, I already am, forget it.  Her new NA voice isn't as bad, and her friendship with Hotaru is very touching and it makes her a little bit more endearing.  As for Chibi-Chibi, she is the cutest, yet most ANNOYING, little character on the show.  Although in her Senshi form is really cute, she's so annoying!  "Chibi chibi!  Chibi chibi!"  A person can get really sick of that.  Whereas Hotaru as a child is cute without being all sugary.

11. the Starlights (all of them): I haven't really seen enough of Sailorstars to either like them or dislike them.  Yaten looks cool, though, and he has a great voice actress too (yay for Sakamoto Chika and Nuriko!).  I guess I'll have to see more of Stars to form a better opinion of them.
12. Tuxedo Kamen: He's just...blah.  He's just there, you know?  And maybe this is just stupid DiC, but sometimes Darien acted like a real jerk to Serena (notice I'm using the NA names, because I haven't seen the original or SM or SMR so I can't say what happened there).  Plus, what kind of weird person runs around in a tuxedo and this intrusively tall top hat saying cheesy speeches about the moonlight and the earth and purity and such?  Tsukikage no Knight was worse, because he dressed like Aladdin and he was a million times cheesier.

1. Moon Spiral Heart Attack: It's so weird how Usagi is so clumsy, yet as Sailormoon she can do all the nifty little twists and turns and things like she does here.  The BGM of this attack is nice, and I like the little thing where they show the palace of the Moon Kingdom, then the Spiral Moon Heart Rod, and then she starts attacking.  And it's so funny how the heart goes crashing into the daimon and their final cry is "Lovely!" (in English). 

2. Shine Aqua Illusion: Basically, a bunch of sparkly water/ice stuff.  I like how Mercury is like floating above the water, and she reaches down and takes the little droplet.  Then there's the sparkles, and she sprays the droplet around like one of those misting bottles.  It's cool. 

3. Deep Submerge: Neptune's attack is the best of all the Outers (well, the three main ones).  Obviously the animators got lazy and made the same little ringed energy ball for all three.  But Neptune's colors are the best, and her voice sounds so cool when she says the phrase. 

4. Jupiter Oak Evolution: The Inners' attacks aren't the greatest thing in the world compared to the Outers' (visually they're better and not so boring, but in terms of power they're inferior).  But when they power up it's so cool!  Anyway, Jupiter's voice sounds good here, I like that.  And the little electrical leaves and stuff?  Sugoi! 

5. Pink Sugar Heart Attack: This isn't the most powerful attack (actually, it's probably the weakest, next to Shabon Spray), but Chibimoon is so funny when she does this!  It's cute, how she tries to be useful but all she really does is annoy the enemy.  I literally fell out of my chair laughing when I first heard the sound clip, with the bouncy music and the daimon yelling at the end.  And that was just the sound clip, when you put it with the visuals it's about ten times better. 

1. Moon Cosmic Power, Make Up: All of Sailormoon's cool powers and fuku were in her super form, I think.  I guess I just like the ribbons and stuff, and the BGM was, once again, cool.  Again, it's unbelievable how graceful she is as Super Sailormoon, moreso than she is as Usagi or even as Sailormoon.  And that part when she lifts her leg up...whoa, I wish I could balance like that.  It's not fair, I've taken dance on and off since I was 6 and I can't do that leg-lifty-thing, and Usagi's a complete klutz in real life yet as Sailormoon she can just automatically do all this dance stuff.  Anyway, this is just a great henshin. 

2. Mercury Crystal Power, Make Up: For some unknown reason, all Mercury's powers are sparkly/shiny type stuff.  This henshin is so cool, with the water ribbons and that stuff, and I like her ending pose. 
3. Neptune Planet Power, Make Up: I like this and Uranus's henshin a lot, but I like Neptune's better because I like her better.  The water effects were cool, how she gets submerged in the water and then when the water goes away she has her fuku on and then it sorta looks like she gets lipstick put on.
4. Uranus Planet Power, Make Up: It's cool how she has the gold energy or whatever in her hand, and then she swings it in a circle, I like that part.  And, like Neptune, I like when her fuku's on and there's a close up of her where it looks like she's getting lipstick put on.  

1. Sailor Saturn: Wow.  Saturn's fuku deviates from the normal design a bit, maybe that's why I like it because after a while seeing the same style fuku on each senshi gets boring.  Loved the scalloped sleeves, and the starry things for her brooch and choker.  In the manga she also had bronze-colored bows, that was nice.  She also had cool earrings, the dangling ones with the Saturn-shaped things.

2. Super Sailormoon: Like I said, her super form was the best.  She had the best powers, fuku, and henshin of all her forms.  The big fluttery bow in back is good, and the rainbow stuff in the manga.  She looked like a butterfly or something, not like in her eternal form where she looked like an underdressed angel *gag*

3. Sailor Star Jupiter: I just loved the Sailor Star fuku, too bad they were only from the manga.  I like Jupiter's to begin with, but her Star form is better.  The light green color was so cool, and it looked awesome paired with the pink and darker green.  It's so annoying how people always say "green and pink don't go together" or something like that, because in my opinion they look great on her.

4. Sailor Neptune: Great color combination.  I like the aqua color, it's cool.  When paired with the dark blue, however, it's just really neat.  And Uranus has the same dark blue on her fuku too, which possibly symbolizes something, but you'll hear me talk about that on the colors page.  And Neptune's choker was cool, with the funky cross thing.

5. Sailor V: No, not Venus, just V.  As you can see, I like fuku that look different somehow.  Hers is completely different from the others, a two-piece thing with those weird sleeves and the...whatever those red things were on the shirt.  I also like the mask (though it's kinda weird, how no one recognized her even though all she was wearing were, basically, sunglasses), although I can't draw it very well (see my Sailor V fanart), it's cool.

1. Sailormoon Super: Well, the introduction of the outers is enough.  But then there's the fact that the whole season is basically Hotaru.  Even though she's not in it for a while, there are references to the Silent Messiah (and that's her).  It's also very dark, but in my opinion that's a good thing (I'm fascinated by those dark, disturbing scenes even though they freak me out).  The ending was good too, except for Usagi's being incredibly stupid in giving Mistress 9 the Grail.  Hello, Usagi, she's still evil?  I mean, if Hotaru hadn't had the will to live and all that stuff, the world would be silenced by now.

2. Sailormoon R: Both story arcs were cool.  The Makajiu arc had my favorite villains of the whole show, the aliens.  It was good in that the senshi get powered up, that's always a fun thing.  They do that again in the other arc, and I like Mercury's power up.  And of course, there are villian guys in this arc that are cute but not bishounen (such as Rubeus, Dimando, and Safiru), and that's a good thing.  The whole plot of the second arc was kinda cool, except that Chibiusa's brattiness ruined everything.  Now, if she had been a nice well behaved child that would have helped.  But no, she just absolutely had to be a spoiled brat.  But Black Lady was cool.

3. Sailormoon SuperS: All I've seen of this is the manga, I hear the anime isn't as good though.  Sure, this season has too much Chibiusa, but the villains are so cool!  Naoko's art is really good in this season of the manga, and there are flowers.  I like those, they remind me of Shoujo Kakumei Utena.  Plus Super Sailormoon has the cool thing, Moon Gorgeous Meditation, in there.  Oh, and a cool fuku too (she's the best in her Super form).  And all the other senshi power up too, and it's really neat how their other selves visit them and they think of the Outer Senshi, and that gives them the power (along with the weapons that talk, heheh).  But the Amazon Trio doesn't last very long, they're like the Ayakashi Sisters or any other subordinate villain in the manga.  They seemed kinda cool, except that they were bishounen and they had stupid clothes (I mean, what did Hawk-Eye do, throw some bad apholstery around himself and tie it together?)

4. Sailormoon: (the first season, in case you didn't get that) Well, the villains were lame, that's one thing.  Plus, since it was the first season the animation wasn't great either.  But it was very sad in some parts, like Nephrite's death, and the part where they found the ginzuishou was great too.  Also, there were too many filler episodes.  The plot of all of SM is really drawn out, you can kinda tell that they were trying to get in as many episodes as possible (or maybe they were going for the longest running anime, or something).  It's like that throughout the whole show, but in the first season it's bad.

5. Sailormoon SailorStars: I've hardly seen any of this, so that's why it's so low.  But once I see some more, it'll probably be lots higher up, because it looks good.  I don't like the Starlights though, from what I've seen of them.  Galaxia isn't that good either, but the Animamates are cool.  Ironmouse is cute, but Leadcrow looks weird, and Tinnyanko has an irritating voice.  Aluminumsiren might be a cool villain, if only because she has Inoue Kikuko as a seiyuu.  I'm just speculating on what I think I'll like though, I haven't seen most of it.