Music Reviews
On this page I will review songs from not only Sailormoon, but other anime also.  How I review them is I list the good things and bad about each song, and then overall, what I think of it.  There are only two reviews up now (one Sailormoon, one not), but there will be more some other time.

Fire Soul Love (Sailormoon)
Sung by: Tomizawa Michie
Good things: Catchy, fun to dance to, and also to sing (not that I actually CAN sing, not very well anyway...).  I like the weird synthesizer things at the very beginning too.  Plus, it's Tomizawa Michie (as Sailormars), who is a really good singer (of course, she's a seiyuu and I think it's like a rule or something that they have to sing well).  And although there's too much out-of-context English, I think it's kinda funny and cute when Japanese people try to say English words.
Bad things: How about...Michael Jackson?  Remember, this was in, like, 1993, back when he was still actually doing stuff.  He also happened to be Tomizawa-san's favorite singer, and she wanted to make this song sound like his.  I don't like him, so to me this is a bad thing, but some other people may like him and think it's good, so... Anyway, it's kinda obvious in some parts that they were trying to imitate him. think there are enough English things in this song? *sarcastic* Some of them are used out of context, and it just seems to me like the songwriter was trying to say, "this song is cool because it uses lots of English."  It's kind of cute, but it would be better if the writer didn't totally go to town with the English words.
Overall: It's a good song, I guess.  Not as good as, of course, Heart of Sword (see review below), but good anyway.  I think it represents Rei very well (it's supposed to, since it's her image song).  I wouldn't listen to it all the time, though, like I do with Heart of Sword.

Heart of Sword - Yoake Mae (Rurouni Kenshin)
Sung by: TM Revolution.
Good things: It's catchy.  I like that.  And it's really fun to dance to, also.  The guitars are cool, but then, I've never really heard a song where the guitars don't sound cool.  I like the fact that there are only two English words in the song ("zero" and "only"), and they're used in context too.  It's also cool that, as little Japanese as I know, I can understand a few lines (like the first two).  And did I also mention that it's catchy?  Well, it is.  So much so, in fact, that I think I'll use it for the opening song to one of my fanfics.
Bad things: It kind of sounds like there's a drum machine.  I HATE those things, especially since I actually play the drums and it's scary that drummers might be replaced by these crappy mechanical-sounding machines.  I don't know if it actually is a machine, but it's bad enough that it sounds like one, at least in certain parts.  Also, TM Revolution isn't a very good singer. (yes, he's just one singer and not a band.  His name is Takanori something, and TM Revolution stands for Takanori Makes Revolution.)
Overall: Great song!  I think it's actually my favorite anime song, even though I've never even seen Rurouni Kenshin.  See, I found a midi of it somewhere, liked it, played it all the time, and then decided to get the CD just for that one song.  And now I play the CD all the time.