Sailor Venus - Aino Minako
Real Name: Aino Minako 
Name meaning: beautiful little child of love 
Birthday: October 22nd 
Zodiac Sign: Libra 
Height: 5'2" 
Senshi Position: Inner Senshi
Element: love
Fighting Style: offensive
Secret Weapons: being Sailor V
Favorite Color: yellow and red 
Hobbies: chasing after her idols 
Favorite Subject: Physical Education 
Worst Subject: Math, English 
Favorite Food: curry 
Favorite Gemstone: topaz 
Family: both parents alive but never shown 
Dream: to be a singer 
Seiyuu: Fukami Rica
Minako is a lot like Usagi at first glance: an airhead, clumsy, boy-crazy, etc.  She's not so much of this in the first season, but as the series progresses she gets more laid back and generally insane.  See, while other characters get more mature, Minako gets less mature.  She always misquotes phrases, such as "Life is short, experience the fish climbing the falls." (which Artemis tells her is actually said as "Life is short, experience love young girl.") At first in the series she's not so boy-crazy all the time, but that's because she had just been hurt by a guy.  While she was Sailor V, she liked this guy but he liked her best friend or something to that effect.  The guy and her friend both thought she had died, so she went off to Juuban with the others and stopped being Sailor V, instead going as Sailor Venus like she was supposed to.  Because of the crescent moon on V's forehead, the others think she's Princess Serenity (this was in the manga, and this was when they first met V and didn't know that Usagi was actually the princess).  She had been set up as a "decoy princess" to fool the Dark Kingdom in case they tried to capture her.
Venus is actually the leader of the senshi.  Not Sailormoon, it's Venus.  Because in the Silver Millenium someone had to lead the senshi, since Sailormoon wasn't around, she was the princess.  So the obvious choice would be Venus, since I guess she was probably closest to the Princess Serenity and maybe the most leader like.  Really, as much of an airhead as Minako can be sometimes (okay, most of the time), she has some leadership qualities.  She's had the most experience of the senshi from being Sailor V, and she can be very determined sometimes (such as the times in SMS when she's had to save various famous guys from Mimete).  Although she likes to show off and make grand entrances sometimes, she's very serious.  She's always making these little speeches just to have everyone paying attention to her, and she loved it when she had to dress up as Sailormoon to try to trick the Death Busters.
Minako's dream is to be an idol singer (possibly because she'd get attention from guys?).  She likes to be the center of attention, and would do anything if it meant she'd be famous (like when she tried out for the TV show).  She'll sometimes do crazy things to get guys' attention, like when she and Usagi stalked Haruka all over the city, or the many times she's chased after the Three Lights.  Ironically though, being the senshi of love and even having the Japanese word for love in her name, she hasn't been too lucky in love.  Almost every guy she goes after says he doesn't like her, or just wants her as a friend, or he has another girlfriend, or Minako thought he was a guy but he's really a girl.  She just can't win sometimes.  Oh, and some people have said that Minako and Rei are lesbians, nope, not true.  See, this is a misinterpretation of a scene in the manga wherein Minako and Rei are talking about their devotion to Princess Serenity, but since they don't really say it's Serenity, people think they're talking about each other.  But they're not, although I guess it would make sense since in the manga Rei doesn't like guys, but...Minako's way too boy-crazy to have a lesbian relationship (though she might do it as a last resort, or because she made the same mistake as she did with Haruka...*ahem*). 
So basically Minako is a lot like Usagi.  She's rather airheaded, and like Usagi she's always failing tests and being late and sleeping in.  She's also just as bad as Usagi is at cooking and household skills (such as the one episode where she was cutting a carrot and thought she'd cut her finger off).  She's more boy-crazy than Usagi, but a lot less lucky in that Usagi has Mamoru.  She can be a crybaby sometimes, but she's not quite so clumsy as Usagi because she actually plays sports (actually, she's very athletic).  She's also more self-deprecating than Usagi (thinking she's not pure enough and trying to out-perform herself).  So she's a more complicated, more insane version of Usagi.

Venus Power, Make-Up
What Minako says to turn into Sailor Venus in the first season

Venus Star Power, Make-Up
Minako's transformation phrase in SMR on.

Venus Crystal Power, Make-Up
Minako's transformation in SMSS on.

Crescent Beam
Venus says this and a double crescent-shaped beam flies from her fingertips and zaps her enemy.

Crescent Beam Shower
The same as Crescent Beam, but the beam splits into many points of light and zap the enemy.

Venus LoveMe Chain
Venus says this and a chain of golden hearts forms around her, which she can use to tie up her enemy.

Venus Love and Beauty Shock
Venus blows a kiss at her enemy and three golden hearts fly toward them.

Henshin pens
3 different ones: the first one, the one she gets with her R power-up, and the one that turns her into her super form.

A communications device that is disguised as a calculator that all the senshi have.

Communicator watch
A watch that sort of takes the place of the communicators that all the senshi get in R.