Super Sailor Jupiter Sailor Jupiter - Kino Makoto
Real Name: Kino Makoto 
Name meaning: faithfulness of wood 
Birthday: December 5th 
Zodiac Sign: Saggitarius 
Height: 5'6" 
Senshi Position: Inner Senshi
Element: lightning and wood
Fighting Style: offensive
Secret Weapons: physical strength
Favorite Color: green, pink 
Hobbies: bargain hunting 
Favorite Subject: Home Ec. 
Worst Subject: Physics 
Favorite Food: cherry pie 
Favorite Gemstone: emerald 
Family: parents dead in an airplane crash 
Dream: to be a bride, sell cake, sell flowers 
Seiyuu: Shinohara Emi
Makoto is, in my opinion, a very interesting character.  She's both masculine and feminine at the same time.  She likes to cook and clean, and she ice skates and likes the color pink, which are mostly feminine things, right?  Well, she is also very aggressive.  If anyone gets in her way, she'll beat them up, end of story.  Well, maybe she's not that bad, but it seems like it sometimes.  She is very very strong, both physically and otherwise.  In the episode where she first appeared, she beat up some guys who were picking on Usagi.  The reason she got transferred to Usagi's school is because she was kicked out of her old school for fighting.  That's her strategy: shoot first, ask questions later. 
When she first went to Usagi's school, she had no friends because everyone knew about the fighting thing, and Usagi was the only one who would talk to her, even knowing about how much she fought with people.  Although after Mako made friends with the other senshi, she tended to be not as violent.  However, if her friends were in danger, or if someone threatened them, she'd fight back.  And she's actually very good at defending herself.  She trains in karate, and she knows where to hit an opponent to deliver maximum damage.  She's very dedicated to that, as can be seen in the episode where she went to training in the mountains.  Well actually, she's dedicated to most of the things she does, except for school.  Though I think that if she applied herself she could do better in school too.
Mako-chan is also very boy-crazy.  See, in her old school she had a boyfriend who was older than she was (which is why she always calls him "senpai," which means upperclassman), but apparently he broke her heart in the end.  So now every guy she sees reminds her of her senpai.  But she has one other guy friend, Kenji, who is her best friend and who helped her through her breakup with "senpai."  He was in the Makajiu episode with the lion cardian (in the dub he was called Ken, maybe now you remember him?). 
Makoto's parents died a long time ago.  They were in a plane crash, and now Makoto is terrified of planes.  She doesn't fly, period.  In the manga, whenever an airline commercial came on, she'd freak out and hide behind the curtains.  It's kind of funny, but I guess I'd be that way too if that had happened to me.  Anyway, since her parents are dead she lives by herself.  As a result she is very self-sufficient and independent.  She'd rather do something by herself than get help from anyone else. 
Makoto is the tallest inner senshi, even though she's about 5'6" (yes, that's tall for a Japanese person.  Comparatively, it's like a 14-year-old American girl being 6'2").  She looks a lot taller in the drawings.  When the senshi are fighting an enemy, she prefers to (if she can) get up close to the enemy and use hand-to-hand combat, but if she can't she uses her attacks.  Her attacks are very powerful, and in one episode (maybe more than one, not really sure), she defeated the monster of the day by herself instead of Sailormoon defeating it with one of her various omnipotent attacks.
Makoto respects Haruka and Michiru and wants to be like them.  Which makes sense, since Mako is both masculine and feminine, she wants to develop her masculine side by being like Haruka and her feminine by being like Michiru.  Oh, another thing: Makoto is NOT lesbian or bisexual.  She respects Haruka and wants to be like her, she doesn't think of her as any more than a role model, and same thing with Michiru.  Although I could see how a young girl could have a crush on Haruka (Minako did, in the ep. where she and Usagi stalked her around...but then they didn't know Haruka was a girl so it wasn't a lesbian thing), but Makoto doesn't.  Sure, she may think that Haruka looks like her senpai, or that she wants to be strong like her, but that's about it.  And she admires Michiru because she wants to be ladylike and graceful like Michiru is. 

Jupiter Power, Make-Up
Mako says this to transform into Sailor Jupiter in the first season.

Jupiter Star Power, Make-Up
Mako's transformation phrase in SMR through SMSS

Jupiter Crystal Power, Make-Up
Mako's transformation in SMSS on.

Supreme Thunder
Jupiter says this and an antenna raises up from her tiara to collect lightning, which she directs toward her enemy.

Supreme Thunder Dragon
The same as Supreme Thunder, only when she redirects the lightning toward her enemy it turns into a dragon and basically swallows her enemy.

Sparkling Wide Pressure
Sailor Jupiter says this to collect a ball of lightning which she throws at her enemy.

Jupiter Oak Evolution
Sailor Jupiter says this and the sign of Jupiter appears in her hand.  Leaves spin around her, then they fly out and become leaves of electricity and fly at her enemies.

Henshin pens
3 different ones: the first one, the one she gets with her R power-up, and the one that turns her into her super form.

A communications device that is disguised as a calculator that all the senshi have.

Communicator watch
A watch that sort of takes the place of the communicators that all the senshi get in R.