On this page you'll find general information about the series and the characters.  There are character profiles for both the original and the DiC dub, an episode list, lyrics to some Sailormoon songs, and info about the seiyuu.
Supersailormars side image
Senshi: Some detailed profiles of the senshi (Sailor Starlights coming soon, but all the rest are here)
Villains: the bad guys of Sailormoon, profiles on them and some images too
Supporting Characters: not up yet, but it'll be about the cats, Naru, Umino, and them all
the Sailormoon dub : Information on the English dub of Sailormoon (as bad as it is, it is important information)
Episodes : Listing of episodes, just the first season now but more coming soon.
Music : Lyrics and MIDIs to Sailormoon songs, so that you can sing along with them!
Seiyuu : The people who give the voices to the characters.

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