you'd think she'd cut herself or something..
Sailor Uranus - Tenoh Haruka

Real Name: Tenoh Haruka 
Name Meaning: Distant Heaven King 
Birthday: January 27th 
Zodiac Sign: Aquarius 
Height: 5'9" 
Senshi Position: Outer Senshi
Element: sky
Fighting Style: Offensive
Secret Weapons: Space Sword
Favorite Color: gold 
Hobbies: driving 
Favorite Subject: Physical Education 
Worst Subject: Modern Japanese 
Favorite Food: salads 
Favorite Gemstone: amber 
Family: ? (they were never really mentioned) 
Dream: to be a race car driver 
Seiyuu: Ogata Megumi

Haruka is the most masculine of all the senshi (yes, even including Tuxedo Kamen, in my opinion. ^-^). At first, the senshi thought she was a guy, so Usagi and Minako stalked her throughout the course of a day. *s* But Haruka is, in fact, a female (sorry to disappoint you). However, she's probably not interested in guys, seeing as she's already romantically involved with Michiru, Sailorneptune.
Haruka, like Michiru, is elegantly arrogant. She definitely has self confidence, I'd even go as far as to say she's egotistical. And she has an attitude also. If she has an opinion, she'll say so. If she doesn't like a person or whatever, she'll tell them, most likely. She's very bold, and sarcastic. She'll tease the Inner Senshi sometimes, and call them cute kids or whatever, thus causing Michiru to be a little jealous. But Haruka can be just as jealous of guys hitting on Michiru (in one act of the manga she shook this guy's hand really hard out of jealousy because he was flirting with Michiru, I guess).
She's also really, extremely dedicated. She'd sacrifice her life without a second thought if it were to protect Michiru or the Moon Kingdom. She and the other Outers were supposed to protect Queen Serenity's kingdom and not her daughter Princess Serenity, probably because if the Solar System were attacked by outsiders the outer planets would be the first ones to get attacked. But Uranus and Neptune were looking for the three Talismans in SMS. They said that they worked in pairs so that if one died, then the other could just continue the job. Though probably, if one of them died, the other would be so grief-stricken that she'd commit suicide anyway. That's just how dedicated they are to one another.
Because the outer planets are the first ones to get attacked, the Outer Senshi would be the first ones to defend the Kingdom against any attacks. So that's probably why they're, in general, more powerful than the Inners. I mean, there are four Outers and six Inners (if you count Moon and Chibimoon), but the Outers combining their powers would probably be more powerful than the Inners combining theirs. Haruka is the strongest senshi, physically at least. Well, she and Makoto anyway. Some people say that Haruka is stronger because on one occasion she beat up Makoto, but that was because Mako-chan had her heart crystal taken out and was weak. Though Haruka probably would be stronger physically, if only because she's older.
Now, onto hers and Michiru's relationship. People, listen to me: they're LESBIANS. Okay, Reverend Falwell, Mr. "A-creature-with-no-genitals-is-gay"? They're lesbians. Just deal with it, okay? Ahem. Anyway, they would seriously give up their lives for one another. You know the couple in "What Dreams May Come"? They're like that, they'd go through hell for one another and basically give up their mortal souls just to be with each other (and they have, too, in SailorStars). I personally think it's a beautiful relationship, one of the best things about the series, and one of the things that DiC would screw up the most if they dubbed SMS ('specially since they've already proven themselves to be homophobic, what with Zoicite and Kunzite). I think they're perfect for each other because they're just perfect people. I mean, Haruka could never have an intimate relationship with a guy, because no guy would go out with a girl who's more masculine than he is (and who's perfect, on top of that). And Michiru could never have that kind of heterosexual relationship either, because men would be so intimidated by a quasi-goddess such as herself that she and a man could never become really close. So, being kinda unable to have a straight relationship (i.e. with a man), of course the two perfect beings in the universe would have a relationship with each other. If this is at all making sense, that's good. If not, just kinda think about it for a while, I know I'm not good at conveying ideas like this. So what I'm trying to get across here is that they're just perfect for each other.

Uranus Planet Power, Make-Up
What Haruka says to turn into Sailor Uranus.

World Shaking
Sailor Uranus says this and raises her arm which gathers gold energy.  She throws it into the ground and it flies up at her enemy, with the force of an earthquake.

Space Sword Blaster
Uranus says this and swings her Space Sword around.  The Sword emits beams of light which blast her enemies

The Space Sword
One of the Three Talismans that Sailor Uranus has, its blade is made of golden light and it can cut through anything.

Transformation pen
What Haruka uses to transform into Sailor Uranus