Contrary to popular belief, I didn't do all this stuff myself (though I wish I had).  Nope, I got some of the graphics from free graphics pages, and some other stuff from other places (though I didn't blatantly rip off of anyone else's page, I'm not like that).  I figure I should give them all credit.
Hitoshi Doi: for the seiyuu information and some other info.

Bianca's SM Gallery: I got lots of pics from there

Lady Megara's Anime World: for the little SD Eternal Sailormoon on the updates page

Everchanging Sailormoon Gateway: for some information, and for being what introduced me to the original BSSM.  Oh, and also that light green blurry Jupiter banner came from there, all I did was add the text

This page (I'm not sure of the title): for some of my manga images which are from there

Free Sailormoon Graphics Society: well, for graphics obviously, and a couple of my fonts too.  This was also the page at which I learned how to make tiled backgrounds and some other things.  Plus they have border backgrounds that actually fit big screen resolutions like mine! *celebrate*

KatC's Sailormoon Wing: I got some images there, as well as the Saturn layout on the communication page.

Lycentia's SM Graphics Shop: I got some graphics and a corner layout or two from this page

Senshi Battle Zone: nice free banners (one of my Jupiter ones is from there)

The Spiffy Sailormoon Page: I got a couple images there from the lovely extensive image gallery. where I got my chibi-jupiter email for hosting my personal page and one of my various emails even though it sucks, a few of my emails are on there for my raichu email

Themis: for linking me and for the free email

Tripod: for hosting my page

Jasc: because they made Paint Shop Pro.

All the people that gave me awards, for obvious reasons

All the banner exchanges, webrings and other places that link to me, obvious reasons again (by the way, if you have a link to me, tell me!  I'll link you!)

Witches 4: because they reviewed me (you can read the review here) and gave me some good constructive criticism which has really helped

CompuServe, because I use .gif images on my page (yes, they came up with .gifs and if they found my page with no mention of them they could sue me, so..)

Cooki's SM Graphics Shop: for some banners and other stuff

And whoever else I forgot.  If you think you should be on this list in some way, mail me.