Cool Link of the Whatever Period of Time
Long title, huh?  Well, that's what it is.  On this page, I'll add a link to a site that I think is really good, along with why I like the site.  There will be a new one every so often, not monthly, not weekly, just whenever I find a worthy site (hence the "whatever period of time" part).

March 1st: Troublemakers and All Things Naughty
I've been going to this site ever since it's been up, which is good because I've gotten to see it evolve.  The design is very cute, simple yet effective.  It's really creative too.  The Yearbook is a great idea and I can't wait to see more of it, so is Teen Deadbeat.  There are lots of great fanfics and fanart too.  If you're a fan of some of the most unappreciated SM characters (the villains, of course), visit this site now!
January 8th: The Spiffy Sailormoon Page
I usually don't like sites that use adjectives like this in the title, but this site lives up to its name so well I'll let it slide.  Has all the information you could ever possibly want, a picture gallery with some really nice images (some of which I used), and reviews which are great too (including Rainbow Reviews, I love what she's done with the place! *g*).  Not to mention cool designs too.  A great combo page, and if you're looking for information, this be the place.

December 5th: KatC's Sailormoon Wing
This  There's so much cool stuff here!  You can download emulated games (and I definitely would if I could figure out how), and there are some free .gif images from the game.  There's also lots of really great fanart, and some HTML and graphics tutorials.  There's tons of other stuff, and lots of things to do, and I'd list all of them if I could remember them all.  If you're looking for website graphics, desktop stuff, screensavers, etc. this is like a shopping mall (only it's free!)