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You may have noticed that there's no email link on the front page of my site.  Why's this?  Well, because my emails are all here.  Emails, plural, because there are two.  One of them is my old one but I don't know if it works or not anymore, and the other is the new one.  On this page I also have my ICQ and AOL Instant Messager number, so you could contact me there too, or use my guestbook.  Okay, enough of me talking about my emails, here they are.

Emails (the old one, use at your own risk) (the new one)

ICQ UIN: 39981307

AOL IM nickname: ayanami12

Or you could sign my guestbook if you want to leave comments about my page.  Pleeease do this, I  only have three entries in it so far and one of them is me (yes, I'm pathetic and desperate).  Come on, I need feedback!  What do you think about my page and stuff?

Also, I use lots of different aliases when I'm chatting.  I don't chat very often though, but the names I usually use are:
Riven or Sailor Riven
Saturn, Hotaru, or some variation thereof
Tenjou Utena, or just Tenjou, or just Utena
Umi, Ryuuzaki Umi, something like that
Dratini or Miniryu
Or I'll use a different name, but usually one of the above.

Contact form
If you don't want to email me, if you think it takes too much trouble, whatever, use this form. 

Your name: 
Your email address: 
Your message, what you want to say, question, etc.

Or if you're really bored you can take my Sailormoon Survey
Or maybe just go back to the main page.

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