The Black Moon

The Black Moon Family were the villains in the second part of Sailormoon R.  Wiseman was the leader of the family.  They were kicked out of Crystal Tokyo in the future and exiled to a planet called Nemesis, so they went back to the past to destroy Tokyo of the past and therefore, Crystal Tokyo of the future would cease to exist.

*whimpers* he's scary looking...
Wiseman isn't really a man (nor is he wise, in my opinion).  He's just an entity.  I think maybe he was a human at one point,  but he evolved beyond a normal human state or something.  He is using the Black Moon Family to get revenge on Serenity for exiling them.  He is also the Death Phantom, but he can only assume the form of Death Phantom if he gets enough power from the Black Crystal.  He kills off Esmeraude, Safiru, and Demando, (in the manga he also kills Rubeus) and he does get enough power and turns into Death Phantom.  Then Usagi and Chibiusa beat him using the Ginzuishou of the present (Usagi's) and that of the future (Chibiusa's which she had absorbed into her body before she left Crystal Tokyo).

I think Rubeus is cute
Rubeus is the first henchman that Wiseman uses, and his job is to destroy the Crystal Points of Crystal Tokyo in the past.  Well, not really destroy them, but fill them with dark energy so that they will corrupt the future Crystal Tokyo.  Rubeus uses the Ayakashi Sisters to do all the work for him and just sits around in his UFO looking at the map of Crystal Tokyo that has the crystal points on it (well, it seems like that's all he does for a while).  All the sisters are in love with him to some extent (well, Petz isn't really since she loves Safiru, but I think she likes Rubeus a little).  Especially Cooan, who actually confesses to him that she loves him, but he says he doesn't care because he doesn't "do stupid things like loving someone," and then he tells Cooan to commit suicide and blow up the Hikawa shrine with a bomb.  He tries to kill the rest of the sisters too, but doesn't succeed because Sailormoon heals them.  He eventually kidnaps the senshi in his UFO (on crystal crosses, which is very weird, so weird that DiC cut it out), and Sailormoon comes up to get them, but he has increased power from the Black Crystal on board his UFO and she can't beat him.  Then Chibiusa destroys the crystal and the UFO explodes.  Esmeraude comes, and Rubeus thinks she's going to save him...but she just tells him he's a failure and leaves him to die.
Who are you?  And who does your hair?
Cooan is the youngest Ayakashi sister (the dub says she's the oldest though, which is annoying since she's obviously not) and the one most enamored with Rubeus.  He uses her feelings for him to control her, and he makes her do all his dirty work.  Her job is to find Chibiusa, also known as "the Rabbit" (they say that in English too, it's pronounced like "rabito", and it's a pun on the name Usagi, which means bunny).  She's Sailormars's counterpart, since they have similar attacks (she attacks with "Dark Fire") and her hair is like a lighter shade of Rei's (sorta, but Rei's isn't so purple-ish).  She fights Mars, but Rubeus interrupts the fight.  She confesses her love for him, but he rejects her and tells her to blow up the Hikawa shrine with a bomb.  She almost does, but the senshi destroy the bomb and are about to kill her (they didn't actually say they'd kill her, but they probably would have) when Mars stops them and convinces Cooan to be healed.  So Sailormoon heals her, and she becomes a normal human (and she sells cosmetics door-to-door...hehe).
Beruche is the second youngest, but probably the smartest of the Ayakashi sisters (by the way, Ayakashi means "uncanny").  She's very superficial, like her sisters, and cares a lot (too much probably) about how she looks.  But she is smart, and she nearly beats Mercury at chess.  She's actually Mercury's counterpart, since they're both intellectual, both like chess, both have a sorta blue motif, and both have water/ice related powers (her attack is "Dark Ice")She reveals her identity to Mercury, and then locks the other senshi in an ice bubble and challenges Mercury to another chess match, and if Mercury wins she gets the senshi back.  If not...well, let's not think about the "if not" part.  Anyway, they're playing chess, but Beruche cheats.  Then her sisters come and tell her that she's no longer part of the Black Moon family for being a failure.  Beruche threatens to kill herself, but Tuxedo Kamen releases the senshi and they persuade her not to.  Then Sailormoon heals Beruche and all is well.
Calaveras is the second oldest, and her counterpart is Venus.  She uses a whip for her attacks, like Venus Love-Me Chain, and they both wear bows in their hair and they wear gold, red, and orange.  Calaveras always fights with Petz and tags along with her.  She's also obsessed with her looks, and she once put lemon slices on her eyes, probably to improve her complexion or something (although wouldn't that have stung if the lemon got in her eyes?).  When Petz has the strobe, she goes crazy and tries to kill Calaveras, but there's a dimensional hole or something that the strobe causes.  Calaveras and the others save Petz from the hole, and then Sailormoon heals both of them.
can someone tell me what the things on her shoulders are?
Petz is the oldest Ayakashi sister, and her counterpart is Jupiter.  They both wear green (and Petz's hair is green too), and Petz's attack is "Dark Lightning" like Jupiter's lightning attacks.  She's a little power-crazy, and when Rubeus gives her a strobe to increase her power she goes a little nuts.  She's so obsessed with the strobe she won't even let Calaveras touch it for fear that she might steal its power or something weird like that.  Rubeus tells her to use the strobe on her sisters, who have become traitors, and she goes insane and tries to kill all of them.  But then they save her from a dimensional warp thing, and Sailormoon heals her and Calaveras.  Later, after they're healed, Petz helps Safiru when he gets hurt by Wiseman.
Esmeraude is vain, like all the other Black Moon ladies, except much more so.  She uses little statues of herself (and she makes poor Safiru create bunches of them for her), and she sticks them in the ground to make dark energy grow wherever she puts them.  Once enough energy is gathered, then the Dark Gate will open and the Black Moon will be able to destroy the world.  She uses one of her earrings to detect where to put the statues.  She always carries around a red feathery fan (which clashes with her yellowish-green hair), and she has an annoying high-pitched laugh that lots of stuck-up anime women seem to have.  She considers herself to be the most beautiful woman in the world, and the most powerful.  She also hates Rubeus and Safiru (don't pay attention in the dub when Safiru implies that he loves her, because he hates her too).  She is obsessed with Demando, and therefore hates Sailormoon because Demando loves her.  Her obsession with Demando causes her death, when Wiseman gives her a crown that he says will make her Demando's queen.  The crown actually turns her into a dragon, whom the Senshi kill, and Esmeraude is seen falling into a black hole, calling for Demando.
He's not really evil, I don't think, possibly Safiru just joined the Black Moon family to stay with his older brother Demando.  He's very dedicated to Demando and sacrifices his life trying to warn Demando that Wiseman was using the family for his own purposes. He doesn't really trust Wiseman from the beginning, and all along he was suspicious of Wiseman's true intentions.  He worries a lot for his brother and about what's going to happen to them.  He overhears Wiseman saying that he is only using the Black Moon Family, so Safiru removes part of the Black Crystal that Wiseman needed to open the Dark Gate and summon the Death Phantom.  Wiseman catches him red-handed and starts attacking him, so Safiru escapes to Earth, where he is taken care of by the Ayakashi sisters (this is after they were turned to humans).  But Wiseman follows him, and just before Safiru is about to tell Demando of Wiseman's intentions, Wiseman kills him.
Demando is the leader of the Black Moon family.  He is sort of in love with Neo-Queen Serenity...sort of, I wouldn't call it real love, I'd call it obsession.  He thinks that if the Black Moon manages to take over Crystal Tokyo that he can have Serenity as his queen, and that's part of his motivation.  He also wants the people of Nemesis to live on Earth, and that's why he wants to help Wiseman take it over.  When he realizes that Neo-Queen Serenity and Sailormoon are the same person, he kidnaps Sailormoon and uses his hypnosis to try to make her say she loves him.  Of course, it doesn't work because one: Usagi loves Mamoru too much, and two: Tuxedo Kamen comes to rescue her.  He dies protecting Sailormoon from Wiseman's attack when he realizes that Wiseman is just using the Black Moon family.
Black Lady
Black Lady is Chibiusa after being turned evil by Wiseman and aged to about 16.  Wiseman distorted Chibiusa's memories of her parents and the other senshi, making it seem like they didn't love her.  Apparently he did a good job of it, because he made her completely evil (even Luna-P had its crescent moon changed to a Black Moon insignia) and made her hate the senshi.  Black Lady attacks the senshi, and Usagi almost turns her back to normal using the ginzuishou, but Wiseman brainwashes her again.  In the final battle of the R series, Black Lady tries to kill Sailormoon, but Usagi turns into Neo-Queen Serenity and returns Chibiusa's true memories, turning her back into Chibiusa again.