Link Banners
Some banners to use if you want to link me...although I doubt anyone would want to do something crazy like that, but some people might.  If you want a custom banner with your favorite senshi, e-mail me and I'll see what I can do!  Oh, and here's something else: if you link me, whether you do so with one of these or with a plain text link, you get linked back if you tell me about it.  If you want some banners of your own, go to the downloads page to get the blank banner zip file I made.  And I don't mind if you use one with the old name (Lunar Galaxy) on it.

cute Jupiter banner

Sailor V banner

nifty little banner w/Outer Senshi

heheh...Pluto and Jupiter mini-banner

cool banner w/Neptune I made

banner w/superdeformed Mercury

Sailormoon and Luna banner

cool banner with Jupiter

eyes...isn't that nifty?

spiffy animated banner I made!

yet another Jupiter banner

tiny manga Moon button

very cute little manga Nephrite
lovely manga Mercury pic, dontcha think so?
I love this image!
lil videogame Mercury...I needa ease up on the Mercury ones
I know it's not for LE, but...lookit the cute little Pichu!