Sailor Mars
Real Name: Raye Hino 
Birthday: April 17th 
Zodiac Sign: Aries 
Height: 5'3" 
Favorite Color: red, black 
Hobbies: fortune telling, reading 
Favorite Subject: Ancient writing 
Worst Subject: Modern society 
Favorite Food: vegetarian pizza 
Family: her mother is dead, her father is alive, but she lives with her grandfather 
Dream: to be a Shinto Priestess, a singer, and a model 
Voice Actor: Katie Griffin
Position: Inner Scout
Element: fire
Fighting Style: offensive
Secret Weapons: being a Shinto priestess
Raye is a very strong-willed girl.  She has a natural connection to the spirit world, it's almost like she's psychic.  She is very impatient with Serena, probably because she goes to a private school where she is treated like a princess and doesn't tolerate immaturity.  However, she and Serena are very close and Raye would pretty much do anything to protect her.  Raye likes to be the center of attention, always, and so she loves to sing.  She knew some of her attacks before she became a scout, because the attacks deal with her religion.
Mars Power
Rei says this to turn into Sailor Mars in the first season.
Mars Star Power
Raye says this to turn into Sailor Mars in R
Mars Fire Ignite
Sailor Mars says this and puts her hands together, and she creates a fireball that she directs toward her enemy.
Mars Fireballs Charge
Raye or Sailor Mars chants on a ward (those little pieces of paper with writing on them that she always has).  Then she throws this at the back of the monster's head.  The ward stuns them or even drains them of their evil.
Mars Firebird Strike
Same as Mars Fire Ignite, only the fireball turns into a bird that flies toward the enemies.
Mars Celestial Fire Surround
Sailor Mars says this and rings of fire circle around her.  She then can direct the rings toward her enemies.
Transformation pens
r different ones: the first one, and the one she gets with her R power-up
A communications device that is disguised as a calculator that all the scouts have.
Communicator watch
A watch that sort of takes the place of the communicators that all the scouts get in R.
My opinions on Sailor Mars
I think Mars is one of the cooler Sailor Scouts.  Her attacks are really nifty, and so is her transformation.  I also like her personality, and how her fiery personality sort of matches her fire attacks.  What I don't like?  How mean she is to Serena, it actually gets annoying after a while.  I do like her voice though, in both versions.