Link graphics
So you read the rules, you joined, now what?  Well obviously you need a graphic to link with, don't you?  Well, here I have some linking graphics to put in your HTML fragment (which is also on this page).  And if you were to contribute a graphic I would be forever in your debt... *hint hint*

Utena and Anshi
everyone's favorite anime lesbians in anime form... manga form...
similar to the above but with lighter colors
those are Anshi's hands, btw...not Akio or something
game form too.
I cut Chu-Chu out, but darnit, why does he always have to be in these romantic images and ruin them?
I really like this doujinshi image...a bit big, though.
fortunately I managed to crop Chu-Chu out of this
cool animated version of the Utena and Anshi one

HTML fragment
You can basically have this how you like, but you have to have a few things: either a text or graphical link to and these links:;list;id=YOUR_ID;next;id=YOUR_ID;previous
Here's an example:

previous - list - next
And that's all you have to do!  Well, that's a bare minimum, but you get the idea.  You can go into my source code (this is the only time on any of my pages that I'll let you do that) and copy that bit if you don't know how to make links or something.