Tira Misu (Bakuretsu Hunters)
Date: Nov. 9, 2000
Rating: PG (some semi-slutty clothes because hey, it's Tira)
Wardrobe: small
Effects: nope
My very first KiSS doll.  Woot.  I was thrilled with it at the time and I kept opening it up and playing with it, but now I really hate it.  I wasn't one of those KiSS artists who made a brilliant doll on my first try.  I used an Emby Quinn base doll...gee, who could tell?  She had no FKiSS, no backgrounds, no closets (I tried, but the colors got all screwy), and not many clothes, either.  I managed to finish it in about a week by working on the doll _constantly,_ as in before school, after school, all the friggin' time.  I had no life. ^^;;
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