This page is here to direct you to some sites that are, so you can see what a real KiSS site is supposed to look like.  I love looking at KiSS artists' pages, which is why I always look for a URL in the text file of every set I download.  If you happen to have a KiSS site I'd love to hear about it and maybe I'll link it, yes?  Well, anyway, here are my favorite KiSS links.
The Big KiSS Page: the obligatory KiSS link. ^.^ This is where most people first discover KiSS, and this is actually the very first anime site I ever visited.
Megan's KiSS Page: some of my favorite dolls are by this artist
Kimiki KiSS: I think this is my favorite KiSS site, by a really talented artist.
Tigger's Little KiSS Page: Some very useful things here, and some rather...interesting dolls. Omigod, aaaagh!  I actually forgot this link the first time around.  This is the webpage of Emby Quinn, who was my original favorite KiSS artist.  Damn she finishes her dolls FAST!  And they're so GOOD! *turns green* Hmm, I kinda look good in green... *runs off to the Green Party headquarters* Excuse the randomness.
Moni-chan's Homepage: Hmm...some KiSS, useful tutorials, and some really good templates if you're looking for those.
FKiSS Tutorial by Zorro: Instructions on just about EVERY FKiSS effect, and it's explained in much simpler terms than the tutorial on the BKP which is all technical and stuff
Myu Myu: I love her work, it's so cute!  I recommend the templates if you're ever in need of one, she has lots of good ones.  Oh yeah, and I loved her Athemes doll.
Kiss Jenny: I haven't seen many of this artist's dolls, but they look really good.  I liked Mikikona a lot, one of her hairstyles was almost exactly like Acacia.  Weird, no?
Kawaii Fish Online: KF's site is back, waiii!  Her dolls are great, and on her site she also has art, otaku mascots, and picture tubes for PSP (which I've found very useful).