Fleur Delacour (Harry Potter)
Date: December 26, 2000 
Rating: PG (some semi-slutty clothes) 
Wardrobe: small-mediumish 
Effects: snap-to
Isn't it odd that there were no Harry Potter KiSS sets before I made this one?  I thought that was weird...I had looked for them, but there weren't any.  So I set out to make one.  Fleur is a character in the fourth book, and she's 1/8 veela, the veela being beautiful creatures who could enchant people with their singing and dancing but can also turn into scary bird-ladies with claws if you piss them off. O_o Eep.  I tried a new format on this doll: each screen was themed (like summer clothes, winter clothes, dress clothes, etc.) and there'd be two or three outfits in each screen, and then all the clothes together at the end.  Too hard.  Didn't do it again.  I experimented with the coloring too: I airbrushed the shadows and highlights in, instead of just plain cel-style coloring.  Also too hard, although this I might attempt again sometime. 
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